Wish there were more trees in your DC neighborhood?

Residents can suggest new planting locations to DDOT's Urban Forestry Administration. UFA will then prioritize requested areas in its Fall planting season.

This site makes it easy to see where there are available tree boxes near you.

Requesting a tree

Use the map page to search for your address, click on one of the open plots (shown as orange points), and use the link provided in the pop-up to submit a request through 311.dc.gov. Just copy-paste the address you see into the 311 form. Requests are totally free!

To help you describe the plot location in your request, you can check it out using the Google Street View link provided. Of course, you could also go look at it outside!

If you would like to lend a hand in caring for your new tree, include "I am interested in the Canopy Keepers program" in your 311 request. Becoming a Canopy Keeper is a fairly low obligation way to help ensure new trees thrive. And it is a major help to your local arborist.

More information

The map on the homepage and the plot above were built using the UFA Street Trees dataset from DDOT, the 2012 ward boundaries dataset from DC GIS, and the neighborhood boundaries file from Code for DC's data catalog. Updates are being pulled in daily.

In the site's logo you'll find the outline of a leaf from a Sugar Maple tree, one of the most common in the District.

Check out these links to learn more about DC's urban forest:

DDOT: Urban Forestry Administration homepage
Casey Trees: Street tree information
Greater Greater Washington: Have an empty street tree box? Ask for a new tree now


This site was developed by Emanuel Feld and is affiliated with the DC Trees project at Code for DC.

Send questions, issues, ideas, feature requests, rants, or raves on Twitter or by email at getdctrees at gmail dot com.

You can also get in touch with the tree experts at UFA by sending an email to earl dot eutsler at dc dot gov.